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Tap Into Your Equity

Need Cash?  Tap into your Equity.

With our competitive rates and easier ways to access the equity in your home, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity loan from the Bank of Sun Prairie may be just what you need. Your home is more than a place to live, it’s your source of cash if you need to use it elsewhere.  You can use a HELOC or home equity loan to:

Home Equity loans

  • Consolidate high-interest credit cards and loans
  • Remodel or improve your home
  • Fund a college education
  • Pay for a wedding
  • Go on that dream vacation
  • Help you plan for the unexpected
  • And so much more!

There are so many ways to use the equity in your home. Let us guide you through the options. Our real estate lenders have decades of experience in both HELOCs and home equity loans. And, we’re local − that means flexible and accessible. We sit down and talk through your best-fit option − and take you from application to closing.

Contact one of our experienced Real Estate Lenders for more information!