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You’re the Reason We’re Always Discovering Better.

A community bank is only as successful as the community around it.

At Bank of Sun Prairie, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by people like you: Motivated, hard-working and committed to making life special in our part of Wisconsin.

As your neighbors, colleagues and friends, we see it in the dreams you share—whether you’re building a life for your growing family or leaving a legacy for the one you’ve created.

We see it in your businesses, nonprofits and start-ups that make this community vibrant. And we see it in the smiles, greetings and relationships that make every day brighter, whether you’re new to us or have known us for several generations.

It’s powerful motivation we channel into creating better ways to bank by:

  • Providing better checking choices
  • Delivering better mortgage options
  • Finding better business solutions
  • Developing better banking technology

Make Your Banking Easier with Better Technology

We’re moving forward at Bank of Sun Prairie so you can access the latest digital banking services 24/7 with all the security you’ve come to expect from us.  We invite you to discover better technology from the convenience of your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet and enjoy peace of mind knowing you can conduct your banking from anywhere!

At Bank of Sun Prairie, we understand that serving you, your family or your business is a privilege. We welcome the opportunity to do it better than anyone else.

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