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Business Savings Accounts

Give your business the financial foundation of a strong, secure savings plan.

Money Market AccountDevelop a solid financial core with this flexible savings plan that puts you in control. Not only do our business savings accounts come with a passbook to track progress, it pays compounding interest quarterly, so you can see how much you have earned.


Type of
Daily Minimum
Balance To Avoid
Quarterly Service Charge
Service ChargeMinimum Balance
Required To Open
Individuals (18 or over),

$7.00 per quarter if minimum balance is not maintained

$2.00 per debit after 9 debits per quarter 

Individuals (under 18) 
no minimum
$2.00 per debit after 9 debits per quarter 


Talk to one of our experienced, local business bankers and let’s get started today! Call the Bank of Sun Prairie at 608-837-4511.


business savings accountsbusiness savings accounts
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The bank may allow monies to be withdrawn from business savings accounts at any time without previous notice, but it reserves the right to demand notice of withdrawal twenty-one (21) days prior to the intended withdrawal date.