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The Bank of Sun Prairie’s legacy of customer service dates back to 1897, when Thomas Hayden opened the first Bank at 233 E. Main Street.  In 1903, the Bank was chartered by the state with a Capital Stock balance of $25,000.  Hayden served as the Bank’s President until 1911, when he was succeeded by Henry Schey. 

While the stock market crash of 1929 seemed an unlikely time to expand, the Bank of Sun Prairie did just that, acquiring the Farmers & Merchants Bank.  The Bank remained at this location on the corner of East Main and Columbus streets until 1955.

Following Henry, Ed Schey became the third Bank President, serving from January to October of 1932.  He was followed by George Mitchell, who ushered the Bank into an era of growth and expansion.  The Bank moved to its present location at 228 East Main Street in November of 1955.  Not 10 years had passed when Mitchell realized the bank would need to expand to accommodate its Installment Loan Department; the addition was completed in 1963.

Two drive-up lanes were added in 1967, making banking more convenient for its valued customers.  In keeping with the “changing times” of the 60s and 70s, the Bank undertook a major remodeling and construction project in 1972, expanding its lobby and adding drive-up lanes. In this same year, Tom Tubbs became the fifth President of the Bank of Sun Prairie after having worked at the Bank for 15 years. 

Tubbs’ election to the Presidency directly coincided with a period of major growth within the Bank of Sun Prairie, and within the Sun Prairie community as a whole.  Assets of the Bank more than quintupled in the 12-year period, growing from $9.0 million in 1965 to $44.2 million in 1977.

A December 1981 renovation added a second floor to the bank, and further expanded the drive-up to accommodate new customers as Sun Prairie grew from a small community to a thriving suburb of Madison.

The continued growth of Sun Prairie led to the Bank opening two new full-service locations in 1990; one at 550 Broadway Drive and another at 119 Wilburn Road.  By 1994, the Bank’s lending departments had outgrown their current office space, necessitating yet another addition to the Main Office.  The Bank added 3,400 square feet of space, and purchased land near its Main Street location to provide parking for its ever-expanding staff.

In 1999, the Bank of Sun Prairie opened its fourth office in the Village of Cottage Grove, a growing community in Northeastern Dane County. 

After leading the expansion and continued growth of the Bank for more than 30 years, Tom Tubbs was named Chairman of the Board, a role in which he remains active to this day.  Alice Hensen was named President, making her the bank’s sixth and the only female bank president in Dane County.

As emerging technology has rapidly changed the nature of the banking industry in the past decade, the Bank of Sun Prairie has evolved with the times.  Internet banking, ATM machines, and 24-hour telephone banking are just a few of the ways the Bank has kept its promise to provide customers with modern banking while offering classic service.

The Bank of Sun Prairie remains an independent bank and full service financial institution.